News from the Alumni Association- Spring 2002

Greetings Fellow Alumni!

I hope your 2001 holiday season was restful and enjoyable. The New Year brings with it all sorts of new challenges, which in turn bring new opportunities. I am sure as you have stood in long airport security lines that you have thought there must be a better way! I expect that our alumni and faculty will be key contributors to the development of new sensors for the rapid detection of chemical and biological agents. An easy way to learn what is new and hot in research is by exploring our College of Chemistry website. Many of the research groups provide informative descriptions of their research areas. Also, our Alumni site is well laid out and worth a look.

Let me bring you up-to-date on some recent events and some upcoming ones:

September 28–30, 2001, Homecoming. Fifty people (forty parents and ten alums) attended the breakfast. The parents welcomed the opportunity to connect with the Associate Dean and our alums and to get a glimpse of their children’s future. The talk “Synthetic Cell Biology,” given by Chemistry Professor Adam Arkin, was standing room only.

November 3, 2001, “Free Radicals” Era Alumni Brunch. A happy group of alumni from the years 1964–1979 gathered before the football game to listen to Professor Strauss’ talk on “Newcomers to UC Berkeley from the Sixties to the 21st Century” and mingled with fellow classmates before heading off to watch the Cal-Arizona St. game. There are some great photos on our alumni website of this event, so take a look. One of these photos shows Dr. Paul Bryan, Dr. Curt Munson, Sir Arlin Peters and myself. Paul was in town for the AIChE meeting, coming from points East where he is a director of an MIT Practice School Station. Curt Munson was easily lured to the brunch with the prospect of good food and company. Arlin Peters, recently retired from Chevron and a real “Radical,” came to get his spirits uplifted before watching the Cal Bears’ performance on the field, which wasn’t so uplifting.

November 6, 2001, AIChE Reception in Reno, NV. The event was attended by more than 250 people. I am not sure how many were alumni, since the lure of free food tends to skew the attendance distribution. Although I could not attend, I am told the event was very nice and a good time was had by all.

November 15, 2001, “G.N. Lewis” Era Alumni Luncheon. This luncheon for pre-1945 alumni was well-attended (more than 55 guests). Professor Kristie Boering spoke about “Atmospheric Chemistry in the 21st Century” and the alums had plenty of time to catch up with one another. Check out the photos on our alumni website. There you will see many of our notable and distinguished alumni, including current steering team members Daisy Quan (B.S. ’47) and Bud Blue (B.S. ’35).

March 2, 2002, Cupola Era Alumni luncheon. This luncheon was held on a beautiful spring-like day. The more than 65 alumni and guests who attended enjoyed the company and the food. Chemistry Professor Emeritus Andrew Streitwieser showed pictures of the campus and the College of Chemistry from the Cupola Era.

The ever-popular Cal Day will be held on April 20, 2002. ( Back by popular demand will be Chemistry Professor Angy Stacey and Chemistry Demonstration Manager Lonnie Martin performing on center stage in Pimentel Hall.

In June, there will be the Second “Berkeley in Silicon Valley” event. Last year’s event, co-sponsored by the College of Engineering, was extremely popular, with well over 300 alums in attendance. I encourage you to keep this one in mind and watch for details in an upcoming mailing. Check on the College’s website in April for the date and location of this event.

While you are perusing our website, check out the department colloquia, research group seminars and other events. After you have checked out the ‘Clicks,’ stop by and explore the ‘Bricks.’ Our alumni have a standing invitation to visit the College. Contact our Alumni Relations Office, headed by Camille Olufson (, to facilitate your visit. Please feel free to contact me at with ideas. Remember, staying in touch with your fellow alumni and having fun go together.

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Steven F. Sciamanna
B.S. ’79, PhD ’86, ChE