Chris Lipinski Designates Pfizer Senior Research Fellow Award
to Endow Calvin Lectureship

by Jane Scheiber

Thanks to Christopher A. Lipinski, Chemistry Ph.D. ’69, Pfizer has now endowed the Melvin Calvin Lectureship at Berkeley. Named as a Senior Research Fellow by Pfizer in 1998, Lipinski was awarded a one-time grant of $50,000 to endow a scientific organization or initiative of his choosing. Happily for the College and future generations of faculty and students, he chose Berkeley.

According to Fred Ziegler of Pfizer’s Employee Resources, the grant is “something special we do to recognize those scientists who have reached the level of Senior Research Fellow—the top of the scientific ladder at Central Research.”

Lipinski, who received his Ph.D. with Professor Donald S. Noyce, joined Pfizer in 1970. As supervisor of medicinal chemistry laboratories, he discovered multiple gastrointestinal and diabetic clinical candidates. In 1990, he established a laboratory combining computations and experimental physical property measurements. He is the author of “The Rule of Five,” a widely used filter for drug-like properties.

“I am interested in supporting interdisciplinary chemistry related research,” said Lipinski. “This was important in the early stages of my own career at Pfizer, where I was able to capitalize on the combination of my physical organic training with Don Noyce and a synthetic postdoc at Caltech, and more recently with my work at Pfizer at the interfaces of organic synthesis, drug metabolism and pharmaceutical sciences. I think that supporting the Calvin Lectureship is a very appropriate method of supporting these kinds of innovative interdisciplinary Berkeley chemistry related initiatives.”

His endowment will assure that the Calvin Lectureship, named after long-time faculty member and Nobel laureate Melvin Calvin, will continue to bring a distinguished lecturer to campus each year in perpetuity.

Although he is scheduled to “retire” later this year, he will remain active with Pfizer. He is also on the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Global Alliance for TB Drug Development, a nonprofit organization that seeks to accelerate the development of cost-effective drugs to treat tuberculosis. In addition, he is an adjunct faculty member at Connecticut College

Christopher Lipinski

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