Tan Hall: Five Years of Innovations

In 1997, the College of Chemistry dedicated Tan Kah Kee Hall, increasing by 20 percent the space available to the College. Named after an industrialist and philanthropist who became a folk hero throughout Southeast Asia and China, Tan Hall was made possible by the contributions of more than 2000 individuals, corporations and foundations, as well as by the State of California.

After four years of construction, Tan Hall had an immediate impact on the College’s teaching and research. It offered spacious modern facilities for fourteen faculty members and provided the first space at Berkeley ever designed for chemical engineering. It brought together researchers from both departments working in allied fields, and it played a major role in the retention of several faculty members and in the recruitment of both faculty and students.

Now, on the fifth anniversary of the building’s dedication, seven faculty members are sharing their stories about their move into Tan Hall and the research they have performed there. The other seven professors will tell their stories in the fall issue of the NewsJournal.




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