News from the Alumni Association

Steve Sciamanna, Chair

Dear Fellow Alumni:

My name is Steve Sciamanna (B.S. '79, ChE; Ph.D.'86, ChE), and I am the incoming Chairperson of the Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Alumni Association Steering Team. This post was previously held by Bruce Stangeland (Ph.D. '67, ChE). As one of my first official acts, I would like to extend a really big "Thank You" to Bruce for all of his efforts over the last two years as Chairperson and, prior to that time, as a member of our Association's Steering Team. While Bruce was at the helm, the ranks of our Alumni Association swelled to more than 1650 and continue to grow. In addition, he has been a strong advocate in establishing an Internet presence for our Alumni Association. Thanks again, Bruce, for all of your efforts and guidance.

I would like to bring you up-to-date on some events we had this past Spring.

On March 23, 1996, we had a Career Networking Forum co-sponsored with the College of Engineering with approximately 55 people in attendance. Jack Matkin, B.S. '62, ChE, was the featured speaker.

Our Alumni reception at the ACS meeting in New Orleans on March 25 was very well attended, with over 200 people. This was an excellent opportunity for alumni and faculty to interact, as well as for assistant professor and graduate student recruitment.

Cal Day this year was on April 13, 1996. Four of our alums were in prime form as their Dixieland Jazz Band performed toe-tapping tunes. They certainly created an upbeat atmosphere for the day. More than 100 newly admitted and prospective students attended with their parents and had a chance to interact with alumni and faculty--even famous faculty. Professor Glenn Seaborg, our own Nobel Laureate, arrived with his wife, Helen. This was a wonderful opportunity to meet and talk with Professor Seaborg, as well as obtain his autograph and have a picture taken with him. Professors Carolyn Bertozzi and Jeffrey Reimer gave outstanding lectures, and Professors Goren and Strauss, along with advisors, discussed the undergraduate program.

Commencement was on May 19, 1996, and the weather was superb. Nobel Laureate Mario Molina (Ph.D. '73, Chem) was the commencement speaker, and he spoke on the need to preserve the global environment. We had 180 graduates join our Alumni Association on this day. It's amazing how new grads will fill out just about anything when they want that diploma! They were a very enthusiastic group, to say the least.

We have some upcoming events that you might want to mark on your calendar. See the back cover of this magazine for a complete list of these events.

We are planning to start our E-mail mentorship program this year. Our intent is to create an on-line mentor directory through which students, undergraduates and graduates, may access contact information for alumni who may be working in a particular field in which they are interested. We have found that students often will have several questions for several different fields. A long-term mentor-mentee relationship is not always necessary. Look for more details about this program in the Alumni Section of the College's Home Page. (Our World Wide Web address is

We have a new Alumni Era group in its inception which covers the years ~1945-1963. Any ideas what symbol would tie this group together for both Chem and ChE over that span of years? If so, contact Camille Olufson at (510) 643-7379 (

In closing, we have many activities planned in the upcoming months and I look forward to seeing, and hearing about, new and old alums. I encourage you to participate and become involved with our Alumni Association. Our steering team is always interested in fresh faces and new ideas. If you are interested, please give Camille a call at the number listed above.

You can also send e-mail to me at or I work for a Chevron Overseas joint-venture in Kazakhstan on a 28 day rotation basis. The first e-mail address is for Kazakhstan and the second for the USA. I suggest sending messages to both addresses, as sometimes even I don't know where I am.

Keep in touch.

Steven F. Sciamanna, Ph.D. '86, ChE