Alumni News, Fall 1998

by Steve Sciamanna, Ph.D., '86, ChE

  ear Fellow Alumni:

Greetings on behalf of your Alumni Association Steering Team. We hope all is going well for you and your families.

First of all, our Vice-Chair, Fred Lam, B.S. '83, ChE, and I would like to welcome, and thank, our newest Steering Team member Sheila Yeh, Ph.D. '85, Chem. Sheila works in the Analytical Services Group at Chevron Research & Technology Company in Richmond, CA. When she is not probing molecules, she is trying to keep up with her three young swimmers.

Steve and Chair Blanch at an AIChE reception in Los Angeles celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Department of Chemical Engineering.

The Steering Team has re-visited the original mission statement of the Alumni Association. After much discussion and input, we changed it to more accurately reflect what both our members and the college expect. Our new mission statement reads:

The mission of the Alumni Association is to build relationships among the alumni and between the alumni and College, with the purpose of providing professional and social networking opportunities and building support for the College.

Fred Lam giving a rousing speech at the dinner with Chancellor Berdahl in December. Go Bears!

The better part of a year has gone by since I last wrote to you. Much has gone on since then. Here is a snapshot of the recent past and also future activities.

Our chemical engineering department began their celebration of 50 years by hosting an alumni reception at the November 18, '97 AIChE National Conference in Los Angeles. Over 300 people attended the reception. My informal survey indicated that at least 80 percent of the attendance was somehow related to UCB chemical engineering. Special thanks goes to department chair Professor Harvey Blanch, who made good on his promise of a high turnout of faculty (both current and retired) at this event. When asked as to how he achieved this feat, Professor Blanch replied with one word: "Guilt." Attaboy N truly department chair material.

Mary Singleton (M.S.'60 Chem) Albert Rothman (Ph.D. '54 ChE), Bob Lundin (Ph.D. '55,Chem), Bob Lindquist (Ph.D. '55 Chem), Professor Rollie Myers (Ph.D. '51 Chem) Havi Sharma (Ph.D. '58 Chem) and wife Christine, and Ken Hulet (Ph.D. '53 Chem) enjoying the Cupola Era Luncheon.

Students performing "the Chemistry Rap" at Cal Day

Alan Nixon (Ph.D. '34 Chem), Glenn Crosby and Paul Anderson from the American Chemical Society at the Gilman Hall Landmark Dedication ceremony.

Upcoming Fall events include:

In the Spring we will have the third annual luncheon of the "Cupola Era Alumni" group. And, perhaps the kickoff for the "about to be formed alumni group" with graduating years including 1964 - ~79. Would any of you like to participate on the subcommittee for the group?? Shall we also go for an alumni group with years ~1980 - ???????. Contact Camille Olufson, (510) 643-7379 or by email: if you are interested!

Gus Dorough (B.S. '43, Ph.D. '47, Chem), John Miskel (B.S. '43, Chem), Norman Bonner (B.S. '42, Chem), Jim Kane (Ph.D. '55 Chem) and Dean Bell at the Chancellor's Dinner in December.

As noted previously, one of the stated intents of our Mission Statement is to "... build relationships ... between the alumni and College." We encourage you to stop by and visit the College when you are in the area. Camille can help you with making faculty contacts, facility tours, etc...

Fred Lam and I look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events. Stay in touch. My e-mail address is

Steven F. Sciamanna, Ph.D. '86, ChE