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The College is host to a great deal of research aimed at improving the environment. Groups in chemical engineering are working on diverse projects to remediate or prevent pollution, from genetically modified bacteria that remove heavy metals to improving batteries for electric vehicles.

Shown here are a horizontal cross-section (above), and a vertical cross-section (below) of a dual-microbial biofilm degrading phenol and reducing chromium in a bench-scale bioreactor. Chromium-reducing cells are shown in green, and phenol-degrading cells are shown in red. This research by Professor Jay Keasling and his postdoctoral student Eric Gilbert bioengineers bacteria to remove chemicals from polluted effluent streams.

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Dean Alex Bell (right) presents the 1998 Distinguished Service Team award to the Emergency Response Team: Kurt Dreger, Bob Steiner, Arthur Robinson, Ellen Hanley, Donna Lee Kolba, Lori Sandoval and Susan Slavick.

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