Alumni News, Fall 1999

by Steve Sciamanna, Ph.D., '86, ChE

  ear Fellow Alumni:

I hope you are all having a great summer and getting your batteries recharged. Unfortunately, the weather has not cooperated this summer in the Bay Area. Summer appears to have come and gone...with rain in the beginning of August it seems that fall is around the corner. For those of you who tried to grow tomatoes, it's time to get out the "Fried Green Tomatoes" recipe. However, even with strange weather, the Berkeley campus is still a great place to visit.

To bring you up-to-date on some past activities:

The Cupola Era Alumni luncheon was held on Saturday, March 13, 1999, in the Heyns Room at The Faculty Club. Professor Henry Rapoport was the speaker and gave a superb talk about what was near and dear to the hearts of those who were here in the college during 1946 - 63. All seemed to thoroughly enjoy hearing him and seeing his slides. The added treat that followed the luncheon was the opportunity to attend the Twenty-Five Years of Biotechnology forum on campus. The lectures were fabulous and provided a wealth of information.

Cupola Era Luncheon speaker Professor Emeritus Henry Rapoport enjoying the reception with Paul Schwarz (Ph.D. '58, Chem).

Cal Day was well attended this year by an estimated 35,000 people. Professor Angy Stacy graciously demonstrated her Magic of Chemistry to over 500 newly admitted and prospective students, parents, alumni, and community folks. Associate Dean Strauss and undergraduate advisors held a discussion session for the newly admitted students and their parents. The upcoming freshmen class is extremely bright and seems to have a lot of energy. They have large footsteps to follow--ours!

Commencement 1999....It can still be very nostalgic to attend the College's commencement ceremony. I remembered my graduation and, among other things, getting my picture taken with Glenn Seaborg and getting Joel Hildebrand's signature on a copy of his Reference Book of Inorganic Chemistry...great legends now in the past... We were able to encourage more than 120 newly graduated students to sign up for the Alumni Association. While they were assembling for graduation, I had some very interesting and enjoyable discussions with the new graduates. I am glad to report that the fields of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering are in good hands. Our college has prepared them well for academia and industrial practice. I encourage those of you who have not yet signed up for our Alumni Association to do so by filling out the questionnaire on page 24 and mailing it back to the office.

Commencement 1999

Here are some of the upcoming events this Fall/Winter. (Please see the back cover for more details.)

For those of you who will survive the Y2K bug, you may want to pencil in the following events for Spring 2000:

Future Top 40 pop star Bruce Stangeland (Ph.D. '69, ChemE) with Ron Clazie (Ph.D. '67, ChemE) at the Berkeley Lectures reception.

As I reported in a previous issue of the News Journal, the main intent of the Alumni Association is "to build relationships between and among the alumni and the College." To this end, I received a late News Flash in which it was reported that alum Bruce Stangeland (Ph.D. '69, ChE; retired, Chevron) linked up with alum Dick Bozak, (Ph.D. '59, Chem; chemistry professor, CSUH) and they performed a musical jam session at Freddie's Pizza in Lafayette, CA. Bruce confirms that this is indeed true and that he had a great time! Your Alumni Association is always available to help you make contacts with other alums...who knows what will happen when the creative juices start to flow!

As always, we encourage you to stop by and visit the college when you are in the area. Contact Camille Olufson for help with making faculty contacts, facility tours, etc., at (510) 643-7379 or by email:

On behalf of myself, my co-chair, Fred Lam, and the rest of the steering team, I hope that the remainder of your summer is fun and your tomatoes turn red. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in the near future.

Steven F. Sciamanna, Ph.D. '86, ChE