Iota Sigma Pi

by Ryoko Kita, President; Christine Micheel, Vice President; Sara Gaucher, Secretary

Iota Sigma Pi is an honor society for female chemists that started in 1902 at the University of California, Berkeley and now includes over 40 chapters. Our local group, the Hydrogen Chapter, has more than 40 members drawn from both industry as well as academia, and includes undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, professors, and other academic and support staff.

New members are, from left to right, Jennifer DuBois, Annalise Van Wyngarden, Marisol Martin-Gonzalez, Cleo Salisbury, and Jennifer Sokol. Not pictured: Ola Saad.

ISP recognizes the need for spreading scientific literacy and interest to young girls in order to encourage more women to enter the sciences, especially the field of chemistry. Our activities include sponsoring the visit of students from an all-girls high school to observe research labs and participate in panel discussions, putting on scientific programs at the annual Expanding Your Horizons event for middle-school girls at San Jose State University, and acting as mentors to the young scientists we meet at conferences and local ACS meetings.

Many of our activities involve coordination with the local Women Chemists Committee of the ACS; for example, we organized a joint meeting at the San Francisco ACS meeting in the spring of 2000 with a guest lecture by Nicole Schapiro, a motivational speaker on the art of negotiation.

The Hydrogen Chapter of Iota Sigma Pi is an active group of the Department of Chemistry. The ISP National Centennial Convention will take place at Berkeley next year; we hope that our emerging role as an organization for women chemists will continue to enhance the development of our members in the new century.

Alpha Chi Sigma
by Arneh Babakhani, Sigma Chapter Historian

Alpha Chi Sigma is a coed professional and social organization that serves the chemistry community. Alpha Chi Sigma, or AXE, has more than 50,000 members all across the country. The UC Berkeley chapter, the Sigma chapter, has been thriving for almost 90 years and has strong ties to the careers of Glenn Seaborg, Linus Pauling, and other famous Berkeley chemists.

In Berkeley, AXE serves the chemistry body through social and professional functions. Through AXE, chemistry students enjoy a variety of social outings where they have a good time and bond (no pun intended) with their peers. At the same time, AXE members learn valuable professional skills through functions such as Chem demonstrations at local hospitals and public schools. The AXE house in Berkeley also provides a professional environment-with many resources-where students can study and learn. Rarely does a night pass at the AXE house without some group crunching out a late-night problem set!

The AXE house is at 2627 Virginia St., in the beautiful Berkeley hills. Our phone number is (510)540-9084 and our web page is here. If you would like to learn more about AXE, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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