News from the Alumni Association- Fall 2001

Greetings Fellow Alumni!

Although the world is currently in a bit of turmoil after the events of September 11th, I hope all is well for you and your family and friends. One lesson we all learned is that life is precious and sometimes fleeting. Take the time to hug your loved ones and stay in touch with friends, as tomorrow can be very different from today. Your alumni association is at the ready to assist you in maintaining those connections with your fellow alumni.

I would like to thank Tom Delfino for his six years of service on the steering team. Tom brought many unique and profound insights to the steering committee. Thanks also go to Ron Quezon, who joined the steering team at the beginning of the year but had to step off the board to attend business school at USC. I would like to encourage anyone who is interested in being on the steering team to contact Camille Olufson. We really need volunteers from the ’80s and ’90s to assist in kicking off an event for their “era.”

College News

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Let me bring you up to date on some past events and one planned in the near future.

March 10, 2001, “Cupola Era Alumni” luncheon. Sixty people attended the event in the Heyns Room of The Faculty Club. Chemical Engineering Professor John Prausnitz gave a descriptive talk of life at Berkeley during the era of 1946–1964.

April 20, 2001, Cal Day. This year Professor Alex Pines, Dr. Marc Kubinec, and Lonnie Martin presented “Chemistry: Molecules, Materials and Us” to a crowded Pimentel Hall. Some of our current students from Alpha Chi Sigma (AXE) led tours of a few undergraduate and graduate labs. We had such an overwhelming response (approximately 200 people wanted to see the labs) that next year we will have to double the number of tour leaders. The “Undergraduate Programs” presented by Associate Dean Herbert Strauss and his staff was well attended by newly admitted students, prospective students and parents.

June 9, 2001, “Berkeley in Silicon Valley: New Directions in Chemistry and Engineering.” Over 300 alumni and friends from the Colleges of Chemistry and Engineering registered for this event. The response from the attendees was so positive that this conference will become a yearly event. It is interesting to note that this event was held on a Saturday and the attendance was outstanding. The sessions that I personally attended were standing-room-only. My informal survey of alumni, corroborated by written evaluations, indicated that the venue, agenda and format were right on target. Please watch for this event next year and plan on coming.

November 3, 2001, “Free Radicals” brunch, 10:30 – 12:15 p.m. in the McCollum Room, 775 Tan Hall. Associate Dean and Professor Herbert Strauss will be sharing his views and insights on “Newcomers to UC Berkeley from the Sixties to the Twenty-First Century.” The Cal vs. Arizona State Football game will follow the brunch. If you haven’t received an invite in the mail, please contact Camille Olufson. (Click here for photos from this event)

In closing, I would like all alumni to know that they have a standing invitation to visit the College and explore. Our Alumni Relations Office, headed by Camille Olufson, can pull all kinds of strings to make your visit beneficial and enjoyable. Also let me re-iterate our interest in hearing from ’80s and ’90s era alumni to participate in the organization of those era events. Please feel free to contact me at with your ideas for future alumni association activities.


Steven F. Sciamanna
B.S. ’79, PhD ’86, ChE