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Professors Bergman, Miller and Radke receive ACS Awards for 2003

Three faculty members in the college of chemistry have been named the recipients of awards administered by the American Chemical Society for 2003.

Chemistry professors Robert Bergman and William Miller, and chemical engineering professor Clayton Radke

Chemistry professor Robert Bergman will receive the James Flack Norris Award in Physical Organic Chemistry, sponsored by the Northeastern Section, ACS; Robert G. Bergman. Bergman studies the synthesis of new organic, inorganic and organometallic transition metal compounds. He and his colleagues use these materials to develop and study new chemical reactions and the reactive intermediates involved in these transformations, and to explore applications in homogeneous catalysis and organic synthesis.

Chemistry professor William Miller has won the Peter Debye Award in Physical Chemistry sponsored by E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Company. Miller is a theoretical chemist who develops quantum mechanical and semiclassical theories to describe dynamical chemical processes at the molecular level

Chemical engineering professor Clayton Radke will receive the ACS Award in Colloid Chemistry sponsored by Procter & Gamble Company. Radke's research focus is on "where oil and water mix." His group combines principles of surface and colloid science towards engineering technologies where phase boundaries dictate system behavior. He employs modern spectroscopic tools along with molecular theory and simulation, and continuum transport and reaction engineering to provide quantitative description of interfacial behavior important to technology development.

They will be honored at the Awards Ceremony on March 25, 2003, in conjunction with the ACS National Meeting in New Orleans.

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