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Darleane Hoffman one of the most influential female scientists

Chemistry professor Darleane Hoffman

Darleane Hoffman, professor of the graduate school, is one of the most influential female scientists in the nation, according to a roster compiled by the popular science magazine Discover. Of the 50 women on the list, 13 are from California, the highest total of any state.

A nuclear chemist, Hoffman is internationally recognized for her studies of the chemistry of the so-called transuranic elements--chemical elements heavier than uranium that typically decay to lighter elements in seconds to milliseconds. In 1993 she was among the researchers who confirmed the existence of element 106, seaborgium, after long-time colleague and Nobel Prize winner Glenn Seaborg.

She is a winner of both the National Medal of Science (1997) and the ACS Priestley Medal (2000), as well as a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

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