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Mailing lists for chemistry graduate students

The Graduate Life Committee has set up new class email lists that will allow chemistry graduate students to contact each other. These lists are for student use, not for building updates or administrative info.

- Information about social events organized by the Graduate Student Organization (GSO). For example the Holiday Party, summer softball, the Fall BBQ, Happy Hours, and more.

- New programs or special events.

- to contact other graduate students with topics or events of interest.

Each class has its own list, but you may subscribe to and send a message to any class list. We hope that these mailing lists will serve to keep everyone better informed and better connected.

Please subscribe!

1. To subscribe:
You may subscribe to as many of the lists as you want.

  • leave the subject line blank
  • in the body of the message write: subscribe chem-xxxx (where xxxx is the year you began graduate work here.)
  • For postdocs, write: subscribe chem-postdoc

2. To send an email to a list:
You do not need to be subscribed to a list to send an email to it.

  • To send an email to the entering class of 2002, for example, you would use:

Questions or suggestions:

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