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Graduate Life Committee

The Graduate Life Committee (GLC) is a committee comprised of students, faculty and staff in the Chemistry Department. The overall goal of the GLC is to help improve the quality of graduate life for students in our department. Specifically, we seek to identify issues of concern to graduate students and to propose practical solutions to these concerns.

The GLC meets on the first Wednesday of each month from 12-1 p.m. Since input and action by student members is essential to the of success of the GLC, we welcome nominations/volunteers for new members at any time.

Some recent actions by the GLC include:

  • Refurnishing the Graduate Students Lounge
  • New Peer advising system for first-year students
  • New vending machines in Bixby Commons
  • Return of off-hour access to Library
  • Input to Department on First-year modular graduate courses, payroll problems, GSI awards ceremony
  • Coordination with activates of other student groups (GSO, ISP)

The current membership is as follows:
Faculty Members:
John Arnold, Chair, Robert G. Bergman, Heino Nitsche, Marcin Majda, Jeff Long

Staff Members:
Ahamindra Jain, Kimberly Lavoie, Theodosia Valrey, Michelle Douskey

Student Members
Ravi Chandrasekaran, David Garcia, Dorothea Fiedler, Daniel Horner, Andy Lemoff, Morgan Moschetti, Amish Patel, Jennifer Prescher, Christina Shenvi, Ian C. Stewart, Eric Welch

Feel free to contact any of the members with questions or comments.

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