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News 2003

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Kenneth Raymond: Structural memory
Dec. 2003 Chemistry library news
Dec. 2003 Alex Pines receives two medals
Dec. 2003 Method identifies O-linked glycans: Carolyn Bertozzi
Nov. 2003 Photos from the LGBTI event
Nov. 2003 Chemistry library news
Nov. 2003 James Cason: In memoriam
Charles Wilke: In memoriam
Bartlett's noble gas work named one of "Most Beautiful Experiments"
Teaching Award recipients honored
Detection of modified sugar proteins: Bertozzi
Liquid-phase CH4 sulfonification: Bell
Yang to head new ACS Nanoscience Subdivision
Measuring the Hydrogen "Budget": Boering
August 2003 Graduate Life Committee Information
Bustamante receives Founders Award
Experience Berkeley 2003
Katz receives Hellman award
Mailing lists for chemistry grad students
Cheap, simple microbial factories for antimalarial drug: Keasling
Outstanding Graduate Student Instructors Recognized
Markowitz wins the 2003 Petersen award
Microgel beads in the Fréchet group
Building nanotubes: Yang
Resolving NMR spectra of solids: Pines
Jeff Reimer wins Distinguished Teaching Award
Pulling apart a ribozyme
Toste receives New Investigator Award
Trauner synthesizes mollusk molecule
Alivisatos to head LBNL's Materials Sciences Division
Fréchet appointed to Rapoport Chair in Organic Chemistry
Bell awarded Burwell Lecturship in Catalysis

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