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November 2003

Reserve Book Lists For Spring Semester
Are you teaching a class in the Spring Semester? If so, please send your course reserves book list to Agnes Concepcion at the Chemistry Library either by email ( or by campus mail. You can also fax your list to 3-9041 or use the online course reserves form at the Chemistry Library's website (

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Budget Issues
By now, faculty should have received two letters regarding escalating journal prices and the resulting impact on collections budgets. The letter from Chancellor Berdahl and the Academic Senate Committee on Libraries can be found at The letter from the Chair of the UC Academic Council and the UC University Librarians can be found in the "In the Spotlight" section at

If you have questions or comments about the issues raised in these letters, please feel free to contact me at 2-4345 or You can also find more information at these
two websites:

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IUPAC-NIST Solubility Data on the Internet
A database containing solubilities originally published in the International Union for Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC)-National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Solubility Data Series is now available online at This database is derived from eleven volumes of the series and is concerned primarily with liquid-liquid systems though a limited number of multi-component (organic-water-salt) systems are also included.

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New ACS Journal
ACS has launched a new journal, Molecular Pharmaceutics, which focuses on molecular mechanistic approaches to the development of bio-available drugs and delivery systems. The first articles have been published and can be viewed at The editor is Gordon L. Amidon from the University of Michigan. UCB will have online access to this journal.

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New Books
Crystallization of polymers / Leo Mandelkern. 2nd ed.
Cambridge, UK ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2002
Chemistry QD281.P6.M3 2002 Library has: v.1 (2002)

Valence bond methods : theory and applications / Gordon A. Gallup.
Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2002.
Chemistry QD469.G35 2002

Electroactive polymers for corrosion control / Peter Zarras, editor, John
D. Stenger-Smith, editor, Yen Wei, editor. Washington, DC : American
Chemical ; [New York, N.Y.] :
ACS symposium series ; 843
Chemistry TA455.P58.E395 2003

Green solvents for chemistry : perspectives and practice / William M. Nelson.
Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2003. Green chemistry series.
Chemistry TP247.5.N42 2003

Microbial production of L-amino-acids / volume editors, Robert Faurie,
Jurgen Thommel.
Berlin ; New York : Springer, c2003.
Advances in biochemical engineering/biotechnology ; 79
Chemistry TP248.3.A38 v.79

Basic atomic and molecular spectroscopy / J. Michael Hollas.
Cambridge : Royal Society of Chemistry, c2002. (Series: Tutorial chemistry
texts ; 11)
Chemistry QC454.A8H65 2002

Alchemy, chemistry and pharmacy / edited by Michel Bougard.
Turnhout : Brepols, 2002. (Series: De diversis artibus ; t. 61)
Chemistry QD13.A425 2002

Candid science III : more conversations with famous chemists /
Istvan Hargittai ; edited by Magdolna Hargittai. London : Imperial College
Press, c2003.
Chemistry QD21.H2953 2003

Liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry, MS/MS and time of flight MS :
analysis of emerging contaminants / Imma Ferrer, editor. Washington, DC :
American Chemical
(Series: ACS symposium series ; 850)
Chemistry QD79.C454L55365 2003

Magnetic resonance in chemistry and medicine / Ray Freeman.
Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2003.
Chemistry QD96.N8F75 2003

Quantitative chemical analysis / Daniel C. Harris. 6th ed.
New York, NY : W.H. Freeman and Co., 2003.
Chemistry QD101.2.H37 2003 Reserve

Handbook of thermal analysis and calorimetry / [series editor, Patrick K.
Amsterdam [Netherlands] ; New York : Elsevier, 1998-
Chemistry QD117.T4H36 1998 Reference Library has: v.1, 3 (1998-2002)

Recent advances in hydride chemistry / edited by Maurizio Peruzzini,
Rinaldo Poli. 1st ed.
Amsterdam ; New York : Elsevier Science Ltd., 2001.
Chemistry QD181.H1R33 2001

Organic chemistry / Paula Yurkanis Bruice. 4th ed.
Upper Saddle River, NJ : Pearson/Prentice Hall, c2004.
Chemistry QD251.3.B78 2004

Organic chemistry / T.W. Graham Solomons, Craig B. Fryhle. 8th ed.
Hoboken, NJ : Wiley, c2004.
Chemistry QD253.2.S65 2004

Organic synthetic methods / James R. Hanson.
Cambridge : Royal Society of Chemistry, c2002. (Series: Tutorial chemistry
texts ; 12)
Chemistry QD262.H36 2002

Advances in controlled/living radical polymerization / Krzysztof
Matyjazewski, editor.
Washington, DC : American Chemical Society ; New York :
(Series: ACS symposium series ; 854)
Chemistry QD281.P6A3 2003

Polymers for photonics applications / editor K.-S. Lee.
Berlin : Springer, c2002-c2003. (Series: Advances in polymer science ;
158, 161)
Chemistry QD281.P6F66 v.158, 161 Library has: 1-2 (c2002-c2003)

Radiation effects on polymers for biological use / with contribuitions by
N. Anjum. Berlin : London : Springer, c2003. (Series: Advances in
polymer science ; 162)
Chemistry QD281.P6F66 v.162

Organotransition metal chemistry / Anthony F. Hill.
Cambridge, UK : Royal Society of Chemistry, c2002. (Series: Tutorial
chemistry texts ; 7)
Chemistry QD411.8.T73H55 2002

Atomic structure and periodicity / Jack Barrett.
Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley-Interscience ; [Cambridge, UK] : Royal Society of
Chemistry, c2002.
(Series: Basic concepts in chemistry.)
Chemistry QD461.B255 2002

Reactions and characterization of solids / Sandra E. Dann.
Cambridge, UK : Royal Society of Chemistry, c2000. (Series: Tutorial
chemistry texts ; 2)
Chemistry QD478.D36 2000

Experimental methods in kinetic studies / B.W. Wojciechowski, N.M. Rice.
Rev. ed.
Amsterdam ; Boston : Elsevier, 2003.
Chemistry QD502.W644 2003

Thermodynamics and statistical mechanics / John M. Seddon & Julian D. Gale.
Cambridge, UK : Royal Society of Chemistry, c2001. (Series: Tutorial
chemistry texts ; 10)
Chemistry QD504.S43 2001

Fundamentals of molecular catalysis / edited by Hideo Kurosawa and Akio
Yamamoto. 1st ed.
Amsterdam ; Boston : Elsevier, 2003. (Series: Current methods in inorganic
chemistry ; v. 3)
Chemistry QD505.K87 2003

Molecular spectroscopy of oxide catalyst surfaces / Anatoli Davydov ;
edited by N.T. Sheppard.
Chichester, England ; Hoboken, NJ : Wiley, c2003.
Chemistry QD509.M46D38 2003

Photoinitiated polymerization / Kevin D. Belfield, editor, James V.
Crivello, editor.
Washington, DC : American Chemical Society : (Series: ACS symposium
series ; 847)
Chemistry QD716.P5P45 2003

International tables for crystallography. Brief teaching edition of volume
A, Space-group symmetry. 5th rev. ed. Dordrecht ; Boston : Published for
the International Union of Crystallography by Kluwer, 2002.
Chemistry QD908.I56 2002

Measurement of crystal growth and nucleation rates / [edited by J.
Garside, A. Mersmann and J. Nyvlt]. 2nd ed. Rugby : Institution of
Chemical Engineers, 2002.
Chemistry QD921.M42 2002

Pocket book of technical writing for engineers and scientists / Leo
Finkelstein, Jr.
Boston : McGraw-Hill, c2000. (Series: McGraw-Hill's BEST--basic
engineering series and tools.)
Chemistry T11.F53 2000 Reference

THERMEC'2003 : International Conference on Processing & Manufacturing of
Advanced Materials / edited by T. Chandra, Uetikon-Zuerich, Switzerland ;
Enfield, NH : Trans Tech Publications, c2003.
(Series: Materials science forum ; v. 426-432)
Chemistry TA418.9.F85I57 2003 Library has: pt.1-5(c2003)

Molecules as components of electronic devises / Marya Lieberman, editor.
Washington, D.C. : American Chemical Society, c2003. (Series: ACS
symposium series ; 844)
Chemistry TK7874.8.M69 2003

Product and process design principles : synthesis, analysis,
and evaluation / Warren D. Seider, J.D. Seader, Daniel# 2nd ed. New
York : Wiley, c2004.
Chemistry TP155.7.S423 2004

Phytoremediation / volume editor, David T. Tsao ; with contributions by
M.K. Banks ... [et al.].
Berlin ; New York : Springer, c2003. (Series: Advances in biochemical
engineering/biotechnology ; 78)
Chemistry TP248.3.A38 v.78

Biomethanation / volume editor, Birgitte K. Ahring. Berlin : Springer, c2003.
(Series: Advances in biochemical engineering/biotechnology ; 81-82)
Chemistry TP248.3.A38 v.81-82 Library has: 1-2 (c2003)

Condensed encyclopedia of polymer engineering terms / Nicholas
P. Cheremisinoff.
Boston : Butterworth-Heinemann, c2001.
Chemistry TP1087.C477 2001 Reference

The elements of style / by William Strunk, Jr. ; with revisions, an
introduction, and a chapter on writing. . 4th ed. Boston : Allyn and
Bacon, c2000.
Chemistry PE1408.S772 2000 Reference

Scientist's guide to poster presentations / Peter J. Gosling.
New York : Kluwer Academic/Plenum Pub., c1999.
Chemistry Q179.94.G67 1999 Reference

The craft of scientific presentations : critical steps to succeed and
critical errors to avoid / Michael Alley.
New York : Springer, c2003.
Chemistry Q223.A38 2003

Handbook of thin-layer chromatography / edited by Joseph Sherma, Bernard
Fried. 3rd ed., rev. and expanded. New York ; Basel : Marcel Dekker, c2003.
(Series: Chromatographic science ; v. 89.)
Chemistry QC79.C8H36 2003

The dynamic electrode surface. London : Faraday Division, Royal Society of
Chemistry, c2002.
(Series: Faraday discussions ; no. 121)
Chemistry QD1.F27 no.121

Time-resolved chemistry : from structure to function / [organising
committee, J.R. Helliwell ... [et al.].
London : Faraday Division, the Royal Society of Chemistry, c2002.
(Series: Faraday discussions of the Chemical Society ; no. 122.)
Chemistry QD1.F27 no.122

Non-equilibrium behaviour of colloidal dispersions. London : Faraday
Division, Royal Society of Chemistry, c2003. (Series: Faraday discussions
of the Chemical Society ;$vno. 123.)
Chemistry QD1.F27 no.123

Chemical education : towards research-based practice / edited by John J.
Gilbert ... [et al.].Dordrecht ; Boston : Kluwer Academic Publishers,
c2002. (Series: Science & technology education library ; v. 17)
Chemistry QD40.C42 2003

Reducing the time from basic research to innovation in the chemical
sciences : a workshop report to the Chemical Sciences. Washington, D.C. :
National Academies Press, 2003.
Chemistry QD40.N31 2003

Broadening electrochemical horizons : principles and illustration of
voltammetric and related techniques / A.M. Bond. Oxford ; New York :
Oxford University Press, 2002. (Series: Oxford science publications.)
Chemistry QD116.V64B66 2002

Inorganic experiments / edited by J. Derek Woollins. 2nd ed. completely
rev. & enlarged ed.
Weinheim ; Cambridge : Wiley-VCH, 2002.
Chemistry QD155.I54 2002 Reference

Organic chemistry laboratory : with qualitative analysis : 3rd ed. /
Charles E. Bell, Jr., Douglass F. Taber, Allen K. # Pacific Grove, CA :
Brooks/Cole-Thomson Learning 2001
Chemistry QD261.B36 2001 Reference

Nitrogen, oxygen, and sulfur ylide chemistry : a practical approach in
chemistry / edited by J. Stephen Clark. New York : Oxford University
Press, 2002. (Series: Practical approach in chemistry series.)
Chemistry QD305.C3N57 2002

Modern phosphonate chemistry / Philippe Savignac, Bogdan Iorga.
Boca Raton, Fla. : CRC Press, c2003.
Chemistry QD305.P46S38 2003

Perspectives in organometallic chemistry / edited by C.G. Screttas and
B.R. Steele.
Cambridge : Royal Society of Chemistry, c2003. (Series: Special publication
(Royal Society of Chemistry (Great Britain)) ; no. 287.)
Chemistry QD410.I67 2002

Organolithiums in enantioselective synthesis / volume editor, D.M. Hodgson
; with contributions by P. Break ... [et al.]. Berlin ; New York :
Springer, c2003. (Series: Topics in organometallic chemistry ; 5)
Chemistry QD412.L5O74 2003

Quantum chemistry : classic scientific papers / translated and edited by
Hinne Hettema.Singapore ; London World Scientific, 2000. (Series: World
scientific series in 20th century chemistry ; vol. 8)
Chemistry QD462.Q34613 2000

Encyclopedia of catalysis / Istvan T. Horvath [editor-in-chief].
Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley-Interscience, c2003.
Chemistry QD505.E53 2003 Reference Library has: v.1-6(c2003)

Solvents and solvent effects in organic chemistry / Christian Reichardt.
3rd, updated and enl. ed.
Weinheim : Wiley-VCH, c2003.
Chemistry QD541.R37 2003

An introduction to computational biochemistry / C. Stan Tsai.
New York : J. Wiley, c2002.
Chemistry QP517.M3T733 2002

Technical report writing today. 8th ed. / Daniel G. Riordan, Steven E.
Boston, Mass. : Houghton Mifflin ; [London : Hi Marketing] (distributor),
Chemistry T11.P383 2002

Optical methods and data processing in heat and fluid flow / edited by C
Greated, J Cosgrove, and JM Buick. Bury St. Edmunds : Professional
Engineering, 2002.
Chemistry TA357.5.M43O675 2002

Magnesium alloys 2003 : proceedings of the Second Osaka International
Conference on Platform Science and Technology for Uetikon-Zuerich,
Switzerland : Trans Tech Publications Ltd., c2003.
(Series: Materials science forum ; v. 419-422)
Chemistry TA480.M3O83 2003 Library has: pt.1-2(c2003)

Environmental catalysis / edited by F.J.J.G. Janssen, R.A. van Santen.
London : Imperial College Press, c1999. (Series: Catalytic science series
; v.1)
Chemistry TD195.C45E59 1999

Riegel's handbook of industrial chemistry. 10th ed. / edited by James A.
New York : Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, c2003.
Chemistry TP145.R53 2003 Reference

Beyond the molecular frontier : challenges for chemistry and chemical
engineering / Committee on Challenges for the Chemical Washington, D.C. :
National Academies Press, c2003.
Chemistry TP155.N38 2003

Plant design and economics for chemical engineers. 5th ed. / Max S.
Peters, Klaus D. Timmerhaus, Ronald E. West. New York : McGraw-Hill,
c2003. (Series: McGraw-Hill chemical engineering series.)
Chemistry TP155.5.P4 2003

Zeolites for cleaner technologies / edited by Michel Guisnet, Jean-Pierre
London : Imperial College Press, c2002. (Series: Catalytic science series ;
v. 3)
Chemistry TP245.S5Z394 2002

Handbook of solvents / George Wypych, editor.
Toronto : ChemTec, 2001.
Chemistry TP247.5.H35 2001

Handbook of petroleum product analysis / James G. Speight.
New York : Wiley-Interscience, c2002.
Chemistry TP691.S689 2002

Industrial inorganic pigments / edited by Gunter Buxbaum. 2nd completely
rev. ed.
Weinheim ; New York : Wiley-VCH, 1998.
Chemistry TP936.I54 1998

Encyclopedia of polymer science and technology. 3rd ed.
Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley, c2003-
Chemistry TP1110.E53 2003 Reference Library has: v.1-4(c2003-)

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