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Samuel Markowitz is the 2003 Petersen Award winner

Chemistry professor
Samuel Markowitz

From the Vortex

Each year the California Section of the American Chemical Society honors one of its members for outstanding service to the local section. This year the Executive Committee has selected Professor Samuel S. Markowitz as the recipient of the Petersen Award, which includes an engraved plaque and a $200 gift from the Section.

Markowitz currently serves as a councilor and a committee chair for the Section. Sam is particularly faithful in attendance at the monthly executive committee meetings, always taking an active role in governance issues and supporting other members with his sage and generous advice. His exceptional contributions to the section include a popular presentation for the section general meeting entitled “NuleoGENESIS,DEUTERONOMY & THE Origins of Life?”, and his enthusiastic participation in the Salute to Glenn Seaborg, performed annually before thousands of fans at a UCB football game during National Chemistry Week.

Markowitz is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Chemistry at UC Berkeley where he taught chemistry and carried out research in the area of Nuclear and Environmental Chemistry for many years. He was also a Faculty Senior Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. His commitment to education led him to serve on the Berkeley Board of Education from 1969 to 1973; the Alameda County Education Association honored him for “Outstanding Service to Public Education”.The Petersen Award will be presented on May 28th at the 50-year Members Luncheon.

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