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News 2004

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Dec 2004 Hydrated Electrons Can Take More Than One Guise
Dec 2004 Schaffer appointed to Wilke Chair
Dec 2004 Chemistry library news for December
Dec 2004 Controlling sugar sulfation in the Bertozzi lab
Dec 2004 $43 million grant from Gates Foundation brings together unique collaboration for antimalarial drug
Dec 2004 Enrique Iglesia awarded Burwell Lectureship
Dec 2004 Peter Vollhardt receiving an honorary degree from the University of Rome. (article unavailable)
Dec 2004 Making Sense of Peroxide: Chang
Dec 2004 Immobilized Ti-calixarenes are active and selective catalysts
Dec 2004 Ion channel silences neuron: Trauner
Dec 2004 Chemistry library news for November
Nov 2004 New center to research nanostructures, design and build nanodevices
Nov 2004 Harvey Blanch elected AAAS Fellow (article unavailable)
Nov 2004 Donald Noyce: In memoriam
Nov 2004 2005 Irving Langmuir Prize to David Chandler
Oct 2004 Peidong Yang wins Julius Springer Prize
Oct 2004 Sonic the Hedgehog and the Fate of Neural Stem Cells
Sep 2004 Saykally Wins E. O. Lawrence Award
Sep 2004 New insights into hydrated electrons
Sep 2004 Chemistry library news for September
Sep 2004 When is a mouse like test tube?
Sep 2004 New advance in gallium nitride nanowires
Aug 2004 ACS Awards
July 2004 Photos from the Heathcock symposium
July 2004 Marletta: How worms' noses sense oxygen
Jun 2004 Kuriyan: Loader of the Rings in DNA
Jun 2004 Schaffer: Developing virus to prevent AIDs
Jun 2004 Bell honored by Russian Academy
Jun 2004 About the Chemistry in the Classroom program
Jun 2004 Announcement about the new Dean
Jun 2004 Heathcock, King and Prausnitz receive the Berkeley Citation
Jun 2004 Neil Bartlett wins French Honor
Jun 2004 Heathcock honored with Gassman Award
May 2004 Chemistry in the Classroom photos
May 2004 An alliance with Taiwan's leading research organization
May 2004 Francis and Groves receive Hellman Awards
May 2004 Commencement 2004 photos
May 2004 Fleming wins Porter Medal for photochemistry
May 2004 Photos from Staff Appreciation
May 2004 Congratulations to the Outstanding Graduate Student Instructors
Apr 2004 Nanotechnology Club starts on campus
Apr 2004 Alivisatos elected to NAS
Apr 2004 Peidong Yang wins MRS Outstanding Young Investigator Award
Apr 2004 Photos from Outreach Program
Apr 2004 Harold Johnston's new book: A Bridge Not Attacked
Mar 2004 Increased MRI Sensitivity: Alex Pines
Feb 2004 Chemistry library news
Feb 2004 Arup Chakraborty elected to NAE
Jan 2004 Carlos Bustamante to receive Hollaender Award
Jan 2004 Jay Groves: Colloids as molecular interaction detectors

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