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ChemiCAL Science and Engineering

Staff Appreciation 2004

The 2004 Staff Appreciation ice social event took place on May 13.

Retirees and Years of Service:
Ronald Dal Porto--15
Elizabeth Frey--19
Alice Kaneshige-- 21
Lorna Woelfel-- 31
Heather Levine-- 32
Wendy Zukas-- 33
Brenda Jefferson-- 34
Service Awards and Years of Service:
Inger Coble--15 years
Dean Colomb--15 years
Barbara Harris--15 years
Olivia Hsueh--15 years
Cezar Ramiro--15 years
Yau-Man Chan--20 years
Carl Lamey--20 years
Dorothy Read--20 years
Cheryn Gliebe --30 years

Thank you to everyone who participated. (Click on the photos below to see a larger image.) If you would like a printout of any photo, please contact Yvette at 2-6867.

Inger Coble, Carl Lamey, Yau-Man Chan, Clayton Heathcock, Cheryn Gliebe, Cezar Ramiro and Olivia Hsueh

Clayton Heathcock, Lorna Woelfel and Alex Shtromberg

Faculty and staff

Auben Winters and Nancy Horton

Clayton Heathcock and Ronald Dal Porto

Sue Gettinger and Donna Kolba

Elizabeth Frey and Clayton Heathcock

Clayton and Lorna

Trying to decide on an ice-cream flavor.

The line for ice-cream

Irene Katsumoto and Stacey Shulman

Carissa Orwig and Sabine Blum