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Heathcock named Chief Scientist at QB3

Chemistry professor and current Dean of the College of Chemistry Clayton Heathcock will lead Berkeley--QB3 activities as Chief Scientist beginning July 1, 2005. In his new QB3 role Heathcock will help develop new scientific programs across the three QB3 campuses and with LBNL. He will continue as Dean of the College until June 30, 2005.

QB3--the nickname for the California Institute for Quantitative Biomedical Research--is a cooperative effort among three campuses of the UC system and private industry. The aim of the institute is to develop effective new solutions to the world's most urgent biomedical problems through multidisciplinary research, innovative educational programs, and industrial and venture capital partnerships.

The institute builds on the strengths in the engineering and physical sciences at UC Berkeley, engineering and mathematical sciences at UC Santa Cruz, and the medical sciences at UCSF, as well as strong biology programs at the three campuses.

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