College of Chemistry, Berkeley

ChemiCAL Science and Engineering

Commencement 2005

On May 21, the College of Chemistry gathered to celebrate the achievements of our graduating students. Click here to view photos. Contact to obtain the original image files.

The graduating class this year (students completing their degree requirements from summer 2004 to spring 2005) is composed of the following:

B.S. Chemistry—63
A.B. Chemistry—4
B.S. Chemical Biology—27
B.S. Chemical Engineering—96
M.S. Chemistry—10
M.S. Chemical Engineering—3
Ph.D. Chemistry—58
Ph.D. Chemical Engineering—19

Click here for the commencement speech by Prof. Charles Shank entitled "Great Expectations" (pdf version)


Certificate of Distinction
Tanguy My Chau

Departmental Citation in Chemistry
Lana Lau

Departmental Citation in Chemical Engineering
Tanguy My Chau

Erich O. & Elly M. Saegebarth Prize in Chemistry
Nicole Rose Davis and Max Ryan Helix

Mabel Kittredge Wilson Prize
Yung-Jin Hu

George C. Pimentel Award
Zaihleen Shariff Keller

Northern California Section Award of the AIChE
Catherine Tazu Mukai

Merck Index Award
Charles Nicholas Buser II and Anta Frances Yu

Hypercube Scholar Award
Vu Phong Hong

Glenn T. Seaborg Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Research in Chemistry
Lauren Alexandria Young

John M. Prausnitz Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Research in Chemical Engineering
Mary W. C. Louie

Departmental Teaching Awards
Chemistry—Professor Matthew Francis
Chemical Engineering—Professor Arup Chakraborty

Donald Sterling Noyce Prize for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching
Professor Enrique Iglesia

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