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US News & World Report ranks chemistry program as tops in the country

The new 2006 edition of U.S. News & World Report's listing of top graduate schools shows that experts rank UC Berkeley's Ph.D programs in the top five in all 15 categories considered by the news magazine — an accomplishment attained in that survey by no other university. And once again the chemistry program is ranked number one in the country.

As part of the news magazine analysis, academics were asked to assess the quality of the doctoral programs at peer institutions. That assessment placed UC Berkeley in the top five in the following categories: biological sciences, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, applied math, physics, geology, economics, English, history, political science, psychology, sociology, education and engineering.

"There is no question that UC Berkeley offers outstanding doctoral programs across a broad variety of disciplines, from engineering to English," said Mary Ann Mason, dean of the graduate division. "There is no comparison for depth and breadth of graduate education."

UC Berkeley programs have been honored for decades. UC Berkeley ranks first nationally in the number of graduate programs in the top 10 of the National Research Council rankings, for example. And the Times Higher Education Supplement, a weekly British newspaper focusing on higher education issues, last year named UC Berkeley second only to Harvard University in providing the best education in the world (see related story ).