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ChemE grad student wins Dow teaching award

Ladan Lynn Hagar

Ladan Lynn (Loddie) Hagar

Chemical engineering graduate student Ladan Lynn (Loddie) Hagar has won the 2006 Dow Excellence in Teaching Award.

Hagar, a fourth year student, won the award for her teaching in CE150A, Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer. The daughter of two teachers, Hagar was raised in Southern California and earned her B.S. in chemical engineering from UC Santa Barbara in 2003.

Hagar's enthusiasm for teaching emerged in high school, where she first began tutoring. She continued to tutor during her undergraduate years and as a graduate student has been active in GSI training.

"I've always loved teaching because it gives me a chance to share my excitement for learning," says Hagar. "It's a fun and rewarding challenge to engage my students and to see them opening up intellectually and connecting to the science."

The best advocates for Hagar's award have been her own students from CE150A. One wrote, "Loddie is always very enthusiastic during office hours and discussion. Enjoys the material very much and has fun teaching during discussion."

Another added, "Loddie has made this class much more interesting. Her spirit and enthusiasm has motivated me to learn and fully understand the material. She's very easy to approach and very friendly. Without a doubt, one of the best GSIs I've had."

When not involved in teaching, Hagar conducts research in enzymes and surface science as a member of Clayton Radke's research group. "In my own work I study how enzymes break apart biological substrates at a surface," says Hagar. "We're all familiar with everyday examples of this, from detergents removing stains on our clothes and dishes, to enzymatic "stonewashing" of jeans to give them that worn look."

The Dow award includes a plaque and a check for $1,000.

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