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News 2006

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Fall 2006 Dirk Trauner, other UC researchers win major NIH nanomedicine grant
Fall 2006 Tobias Chair Endowed in Electrochemistry; John Newman Is First Chair Holder
Fall 2006 Somorjai wins Langmuir, Remsen awards
Fall 2006 NIH funds Raymond for defense against radiological attack
Fall 2006 Chester O'Konski dies at 85
Fall 2006 Marletta wins 2007 Repligen Award in Chemistry of Biological Processes
Fall 2006 Marletta wins grant to develop blood substitute
Fall 2006 ChemE grad student wins Dow teaching award
Fall 2006 Bryan Krantz joins chemistry department
Fall 2006 Helen Seaborg dies at age 89
Fall 2006 Fréchet helps develop new cancer therapeutic
Fall 2006 Three chemistry grad students win prestigious ACS fellowships
Fall 2006 Jhih-Wei Chu joins chemical engineering department
Fall 2006 Five Chemical Engineering teaching assisants win department teaching award
Fall 2006 Bell wins 2007 Michel Boudart Award
Fall 2006 College welcomes new students, new programs
Fall 2006 Two chemistry faculty elected fellows of AAAS
Summer 2006 Emeritus professor Daniel E. Koshland Jr. wins 2006 Welch Award in Chemistry
Summer 2006 Keasling to lead new NSF SynBERC research center
Summer 2006 Q&A with atmospheric chemists Kristie Boering and Ron Cohen
Summer 2006 Fréchet wins UK award
Summer 2006 Two chemistry faculty members elected to International Academy of Quantum Molecular Science
Summer 2006 Biography of Neil Bartlett
Summer 2006 ACS dedicates landmark to work of Neil Bartlett
Jun 13 2006 Lester and Douskey win awards for their outstanding contributions to the Berkeley campus
Apr 25 2006 Chemistry Chair Michael Marletta elected to National Academy of Sciences
Apr 12 2006 Cell Surface Profiling Technique Could Yield Cancer Blood Test
Apr 12 2006 Milestone in quest for cheap antimalarial
Apr 01 2006 Dept of Chemistry wins half of prestigious Sloan Foundation Research Fellowships awarded to UCB
Mar 03 2006 Unique collaboration results in cover for Angewandte Chemie
Mar 01 2006 Chemical Engineering Prof Emeritus Alan Foss died on February 22 at age 76
Feb 27 2006 In Memoriam: Benjamin Boussert
Feb 27 2006 In Memoriam: Jason Choy
Feb 23 2006 At Berkeley: Intelligently Designed Molecular Evolution
Feb 22 2006 Doug Clark Wins BIOT's Johnson Award
Feb 15 2006 Engineers getting top salary offers in survey of the Class of 2006
Jan 23 2006 Bertozzi is New Director Of Molecular Foundry

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