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ACS awards honor college faculty and staff members

August 31 , 2007

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Seven College of Chemistry faculty members and researchers are the recipients of American Chemical Society awards for 2008:

Jhih-Wei Chu — Hewlett-Packard Outstanding Junior Faculty Award funded by HP and sponsored by the ACS Division of Computers in Chemistry.
Graham Fleming — Ahmed Zewail Award in Ultrafast Science and Technology sponsored by the Ahmed Zewail Endowment Fund established by Newport Corporation (Newport).
Daniel Neumark — Irving Langmuir Award in Chemical Physics sponsored by GE Global Research
Kenneth Raymond — ACS Award in Inorganic Chemistry sponsored by Aldrich Chemical Company, Inc.
Frantisek Svec — ACS Award in Chromatography sponsored by SUPELCO, Inc.
Don Tilley — Frederick Stanley Kipping Award in Silicon Chemistry sponsored by Dow Corning Corporation.
Dean Toste — Elias J. Corey Award for Outstanding Original Contribution in Organic Synthesis by a Young Investigator sponsored by the Pfizer Endowment Fund.

The recipients will be honored at the awards ceremony at the 235th ACS national meeting in April 2008, in New Orleans, LA.

Vignettes of the award recipients will appear in Chemical &Engineering News in early 2008.

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