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Alivisatos shares Italian prize for solar cell research

Professor Alexis Bell

Photo credit: LBNL

Chemistry professor Paul Alivisatos, the Larry and Diane Bock Professor of Nanotechnology, has been named co-winner of the Eni Italgas Prize from Premio Italgas Energia & Ambiente, the Italian gas company. The prize, worth 120,000 Euros, honors Alivisatos's research on nanotechnology-based solar cells.

The letter of award cites "the outstanding accomplishments you achieved in your work and . your commitments to scientific research in finding solutions of the world's energy issues." Alivisatos will share the prize with Nobelist Alan J. Heeger of UC Santa Barbara. They will receive their awards in Torino in March.

Alivisatos also serves as the Associate Laboratory Director for physical sciences at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and is co-director of the Helios Project.

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