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Graduate Student wins 2007 ASEE Outstanding Ph.D. Award

Graduate Student Ladan Lynn (Loddie Hagar)

April 6, 2007

Chemical engineering graduate student Ladan Lynn (Loddie) Hagar has won the 2007 Outstanding Ph.D. Award from the Pacific Southwest Section of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE).

Founded in 1893, ASEE is a nonprofit organization of more than 13,000 individuals, along with institutions and corporations, committed to furthering education in engineering and engineering technology.

According to Hagar, "My submission consisted of a description of my research, a letter of recommendation from one of my thesis advisors, Professor Clayton Radke, and a statement explaining my interest and involvement in engineering education: somewhat of a mix of my teaching philosophy and my involvement in various teaching activities on campus."

Hagar will present her dissertation research on enzyme-surface interactions in detergents at the ASEE Reno conference April 12 and 13. The award includes an honorarium of $500.

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