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Katz and colleagues win first Micromeritics grant competition

Katz and colleagues

Micromeritics marketing manager Greg Hendrix, Alex Bell, Alex Katz, Enrique Iglesia and Micromeritics president Preston Hendrix take a moment to admire the plaque commemorating the award to the Berkeley Catalysis Center.

Chemical engineering professor Alexander Katz has won the first grant competition sponsored by Micromeritics Instrument Corporation. The prize is an AutoChem II 2920 Catalyst Characterization System, valued at $90,000, which will be awarded to the College of Chemistry’s Berkeley Catalysis Center. Micromeritics specializes in instrumentation for particle characterization.

“The chemisorption analyzer will be an integral and critical piece of equipment within the UC Berkeley Catalysis Center,” says Katz. “This instrument will be used to determine the concentration and acid/base characteristics of catalytic active sites on solids.”

According to Micromeritics President Preston Hendrix, “This grant program is designed to promote the acquisition and use of particle characterization instrumentation not generally available to universities and non-profit institutions through other means.”

“I am grateful to Micromeritics and to my colleagues Alex Bell, Enrique Iglesia and Stacey Zones,” adds Katz. “We’re looking forward to integrating this characterization system into the current equipment available at the Berkeley Catalysis Center.”

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