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Arnold chairs Royal Society of Chemistry meeting on main group chemistry

John Arnold
John Arnold

April 15, 2008

Chemistry professor John Arnold will chair the Royal Society of Chemisty (RSC) Dalton Division meeting on main group chemistry to be held June 23-25 on the Berkeley campus. The Dalton Division of the RSC promotes the study and dissemination of all aspects of inorganic chemistry.

The meeting will bring together an international group of scientists interested in main group chemistry and the interface with transition metal chemistry and materials. Main group chemistry, the study of the elements in the s- and p- groups that occupy the two left hand and six right hand rows of the periodic chart, has undergone a renaissance in recent years.

“Fifteen to twenty years ago,” says Arnold, “we thought we knew everything about the main group elements, but developments in materials chemistry, solid state chemistry and polymers have led to surprising advances in both theory and synthesis.” Arnold is the associate editor for the Americas for the RSC’s Dalton Transactions, the leading European journal for inorganic and organometallic chemistry.

The Dalton meeting will be based on the structure of the RSC’s Faraday meetings in physical chemistry, where the program is designed to stimulate interaction among participants. In the upcoming Dalton meeting, all presenters will have submitted their papers beforehand, and a panel format will allow for an engaged discussion.

Department of chemistry professor Don Tilley is a member of the scientific committee for the meeting, and chemistry’s Peidong Yang will be a keynote speaker.

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