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Saykally Named First Solvay Chair in Chemistry by Belgium’s Solvay Institutes

Rich Saykally
Rich Saykally

April 02, 2008

Chemistry’s Rich Saykally, Class of 1932 Chair Professor, has been named as the first holder of the International Solvay Chair in Chemistry by the International Solvay Institutes of Belgium.

The chair was created to enable visits of one to two months duration to Belgium by an eminent chemist. This new chair follows the creation of a similar Solvay Chair in Physics in 2006, which has been held by physics luminaries Ludwig Faddeev, Michael Berry, and Nobelist David Gross.

Saykally is a coauthor of over 350 publications in his field of chemical physics, and is the recipient of over 50 honors and awards. He has mentored over 50 Ph.D. students and is a UC Berkeley Distinguished Teacher. He will present the inaugural lecture “Water Music: The Latest Word on the Most Important Substance in the Universe” in Brussels on April 22, followed by a series of lectures:

“Given the legendary status of the Solvay Institute and its conferences,” says Salkally,”it is indeed very exciting to be named as the first Solvay Chair in Chemistry. Maybe even better though, Belgium is famous for its great beers, so I plan to really enjoy my month in Brussels!” As Salkally points out, beer is made from water.

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