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College wins major grants from EBI, SPSP to tackle energy and sustainability issues


May 07, 2008

The College of Chemistry will begin new projects to find sustainable solutions for energy and environmental problems with grants from the Energy Biosciences Institute and the Sustainable Products and Solutions Program.

The BP-funded Energy Biosciences Institute, the world’s largest public/private consortium dedicated to the application of biosciences to the energy sector, has announced an initial set of 49 research projects for funding during the first year of EBI’s 10-year program. College faculty members receiving grants include Alex Bell, Jamie Doudna Cate, Douglas Clark, Alex Katz, Dean Toste, Jon Ellman, Clay Radke and Michelle Chang.

The new Sustainable Products and Solutions Program will spend $2 million to fund 23 projects aimed at helping people live more sustainably. Funded by the Dow Chemical Co. Foundation and based at the Center for Responsible Business at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business, the program was created in partnership with the College of Chemistry. College faculty and students involved in the winning grants, many of which are multidisciplinary, include Marty Mulvihill, Michelle Chang, Matt Francis, Doug Clark, Jeff Long, Deanna D’Alessandro and Peter Vollhardt.

Topics of research span a range from developing green chemical sensors for trace water contaminants to developing new catalysts and enzymes to break down biomass for fuel production.

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