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Advisory Board chair hosts San Diego Science Festival

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San Diego Science Festival 2009
San Diego Science Festival 2009

Larry Bock, Chairman of the College of Chemistry's Advisory Board, and his wife, Diane, are co-hosting the San Diego Science Festival, the West Coast's largest science event. The Bocks are donors of the Larry and Diane Bock Endowed Chair in Nanotechnology, held by Prof. Paul Alivisatos.

The month-long celebration of science, and the impact of science and innovation on our lives, culminates in a day-long expo on April 4 at San Diego's Balboa Park. A broad range of programs are geared for everyone from children to professional scientists.

Writes Bock, "For the past year I have been working on organizing the San Diego Science Festival — a major FUN, entertaining, educational and FREE event geared toward reinvigorating the interest of Americans in the Sciences. I have put as much energy and imagination and effort into this as any of the companies I started.

"Why is this important?

"In a nutshell: — according to Nobel Laureate Richard Smalley, by the year 2010 (just 1 year from now) 90% of the world's scientists and engineers will live in Asia. — 85% of people being trained in the advanced physical sciences in the United States are from abroad. — because the opportunities are now greater abroad, we are no longer retaining them in the USA. — If we do not turn this trend around SOON, we will have outsourced innovation. And once we have outsourced innovation, our country's ability to compete will be over. My concern over this is so great that I have devoted the past year and a half to organizing this Science Festival."

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