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News 2009

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Dec 22 2009 Jane Scheiber wins prestigious Berkeley Citation
Dec 21 2009 Reimer elected AAAS Fellow
Dec 14 2009 Chang wins Novartis award
Dec 11 2009 Neumark to lead chemistry department
Dec 09 2009 DOE funds Amyris biofuel refinery project
Dec 07 2009 Customized Nanoparticles (C&EN News)
Dec 07 2009 UC Commission on the Future gets feedback from the system's flagship campus (UC Berkeley News)
Nov 19 2009 A Crown Jewel of Education Struggles With Cuts (
Nov 19 2009 Paul Alivisatos named director of Berkeley Lab (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
Nov 12 2009 Vibrations key to efficiency of green fluorescent protein (UC Berkeley News Press Release)
Nov 12 2009 Chris Chang wins AstraZeneca Award
Oct 08 2009 Hyper-SAGE Boosts Remote MRI Sensitivity (LBNL News)
Oct 08 2009 College of Chemistry steers course to sustainable 'green' chemistry (UC Berkeley News Press Release)
Oct 02 2009 ChemE celebrates its national ranking, outstanding GSIs
Sep 28 2009 College enrollment rises slightly over previous year
Sep 24 2009 Superheavy Element 114 Confirmed: A Stepping Stone to the Island of Stability
Sep 21 2009 College alums win National Medal of Science
Sep 15 2009 Fréchet wins Mark, Remsen awards from ACS
Sep 08 2009 Gold Solution for Enhancing Nanocrystal Electrical Conductance (Berkeley Lab News Press Release)
Aug 28 2009 Washington Monthly ranking says Berkeley does best at giving back (UC Berkeley News)
Aug 28 2009 Microbe Metabolism Harnessed to Produce Fuel (courtesy of LiveScience)
Aug 26 2009 Tullman-Ercek joins chemE faculty
Aug 20 2009 Cate captures new images of cell's ribosomes at work, could aid in molecular war against disease (courtesy of UC Berkeley News)
Aug 17 2009 Hammond appointed chemistry's newest assistant professor
July 30 2009 Gene transcribing machine takes halting, backsliding trip along the DNA (UC Berkeley News)
June 23 2009 Leone wins Polanyi Medal
June 23 2009 Chemistry grad students win Lindau Meeting awards
June 17 2009 Extreme Makeover Chemistry Style: Reaction Remake Could Replace Petrochemicals with Biomass Renewables
June 15 2009 Berkeley chemists speak at ACS meeting
June 03 2009 Dreyfus Foundation, donor awards presented at Honor Student Tea
May 19 2009 College of Chemistry GSIs win Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Awards
May 15 2009 Fréchet wins 32nd Carothers Award
May 12 2009 Somorjai appointed Foreign Honorary Member of Chemical Society of Japan
May 07 2009 Clark lab develops fluorescent proteins that help find microscopic cracks (Royal Society of Chemistry)
May 04 2009 Obama calls for 'historic investment' in science research and education (National Academy of Sciences)
Apr 30 2009 Sarpong wins Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award
Apr 29 2009 Smit to head new Energy Frontiers Research Center
Apr 28 2009 College Alumni Molina and Zewail named to PCAST
Apr 28 2009 CiC program, Keasling, win Chancellor's Public Service Awards
Apr 27 2009 Xu wins ONR young investigator award
Apr 01 2009 Graham Fleming named vice chancellor for research (UC Berkeley News)
Mar 19 2009 Francis wins highest campus honor for teaching
Mar 19 2009 Bill Benjamin, former ChemE instructor, has died
Mar 12 2009 Bryan Krantz: From folding to unfolding proteins (Journal of Cell Biology)
Mar 05 2009 Bertozzi and colleague assemble cells into artificial 3-D tissues, like tiny glands (UC Berkeley News)
Mar 05 2009 Advisory Board chair hosts San Diego Science Festival
Feb 23 2009 Carolyn Bertozzi Wins Harrison Howe Award
Feb 23 2009 Graham Fleming to receive Hildebrand Award
Feb 19 2009 Ting Xu and Visiting Miller Professor in Chemistry Tom Russell break barriers for nanoscale self-assembly (UC Berkeley News)
Feb 18 2009 Segalman and Sarpong win Sloan Research Fellowships
Feb 09 2009 Chandler reports breakthough in solving the puzzle of glass
Feb 09 2009 Bertozzi creates tailor-made recombinant proteins (courtesy of LBNL News Center)

Feb 05 2009 Klinman awarded Chancellor's Professorship
Jan 28 2009 Kim and colleagues improve method for comparing genomes
Jan 23 2009 Alivisatos named interim director of LBNL

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