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Chris Chang wins ACS Cope Scholar Award

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Chemistry professor Chris Chang
Chemistry professor Chris Chang

August 18, 2010

Chemistry professor Chris Chang has won a 2010 ACS Cope Scholar Award. The award, sponsored by the Arthur C. Cope Fund, recognizes and encourages excellence in organic chemistry.

The award consists of $5,000, a certificate and a $40,000 unrestricted research grant. Ten Arthur C. Cope Scholars are named annually—four between the ages of 36 and 49, four age 50 or older and two 35 and younger.

In addition to being a member of the college faculty, Chang is a Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) investigator whose research is focused on the interface of chemistry and biology. He uses organic synthesis and protein engineering approaches to create new chemical tools for studying signal transduction, neurobiology, cancer, stem cell biology, and infectious diseases. The Chang group also creates new metal complexes as molecular catalysts for renewable energy and green chemistry.

The Arthur C. Cope Scholar Awards were established in 1984 by the ACS Board of Directors, under the terms of the will of Arthur C. Cope (1909-1966), a highly successful and influential organic chemist. The Cope Scholar Awards are supported by income from the Arthur C. Cope Fund, which is administered by the ACS.

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