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Leone receives Langmuir Prize

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Chemistry professor Stephen Leone
Chemistry professor Stephen Leone.

October 6, 2010

Chemistry professor Stephen Leone has been awarded the 2011 Irving Langmuir Prize in Chemical Physics.

The announcement from the American Physical Society (APS) recognizes Leone “for his pioneering use of soft x-rays in probing ultrafast dynamics in atomic and molecular systems.”

The prize was established to recognize and encourage outstanding interdisciplinary research in chemistry and physics, in the spirit of Irving Langmuir. It will be presented at the APS March 2011 meeting in Dallas, TX, March 21-25, at a special ceremonial session.

The prize consists of $10,000 and a certificate citing the contributions made by the recipient. In even-numbered years, the American Chemical Society selects the prize recipient. In odd-numbered years, the American Physical Society selects the prize recipient.

Other Berkeley Department of Chemistry Langmuir Prize winners are Daniel Neumark (2008), Gabor Somorjai (2007), David Chandler (2005), Richard Saykally (2000) and Alexander Pines (1998).

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