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New Hildebrand seminar rooms ease teaching lab schedules

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Hildebrand Seminar Room
Hildebrand Seminar Room

February 23, 2010

The completion of the seminar rooms in the Hildebrand Library and Student Learning Center has eased the burden on the college’s overcrowded teaching labs. By shifting discussion sections out of labs to the new student-friendly rooms in Hildebrand, additional lab sections can potentially be scheduled for the students taking Chem 1A, General Chemistry.

“We can now schedule labs on a four-hour rotation,” says Robert Lamoreaux, the college’s instructional support manager. This gives us more flexibility and gives the students a much better environment for their discussion sections. So far, it’s working out even better than expected.”

Shifting discussion sections to Hildebrand will also allow the beginning of the rebuilding of the aging undergraduate teaching labs. The project will start this summer with the renovation of the first lab, located on the second floor of Latimer Hall.

The completion of the seminar rooms, along with the redesign of the Bixby Commons study area, is just the first phase of “Chemical Sciences Instruction for the 21st Century,” a program spearheaded by Dean Richard A. Mathies.

The 2nd phase of the initiative calls for rebuilding the undergraduate teaching labs and developing modern curriculum that emphasizes tackling problems in areas like energy, health and the environment.

The $30 million lab renewal project has been aided by Chancellor Birgeneau’s commitment to provide up to $5 million in matching funds for donations.

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