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Five CoC researchers among the Top 100 highly cited chemists

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February 15, 2011

Five Berkeley Department of Chemistry professors are among the Top 100 Chemists in a Science Watch analysis published recently by Thomson Reuters. The professors are Paul Alivisatos, Jean Fréchet, Jeff Long, Dean Toste and Peidong Yang.

The rankings were compiled by first creating a list of chemists who published 50 or more papers in prestigious scientific journals from 2000–2010, and then ranking them by the average number of times each author’s papers were cited by other scientific papers.

For example, Alivisatos, the current LBNL director and the Larry and Diane Bock Professor of Nanotechnology, published 93 papers during the decade, and his papers were cited 14,589 times, for an average of 157 citations per paper.

Alivisatos is ranked fifth on this list of highly cited chemists. Yang is the tenth-ranked researcher on this list but is top-ranked on the list of materials scientists.

Citation analysis is a controversial technique that allows an entire scientific community to “vote” on important research by how often the research is mentioned in the papers of fellow scientists.

This list appears to be heavily weighted towards nanotechnology, a field that some researchers consider a fad, according to the article that accompanies the Top 100 list. Separate lists will be published for biochemists and materials scientists.

MIT appeared six times in the list, making MIT the only institution to surpass Berkeley. Interestingly, UC Riverside appeared three times, equaling Caltech.

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