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News 2011

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Dec 22 JBEI illustration CAD for RNA (LBNL News)
Nov 30 David Graves Graves named first holder of Lam Research Distinguished Chair
Nov 29 close-up of polyhedral-shaped silver nanocrystals E. Coli Bacteria Engineered to Eat Switchgrass and Make Transportation Fuels (LBNL News)
Nov 23 close-up of polyhedral-shaped silver nanocrystals On the Road to Plasmonics With Silver Polyhedral Nanocrystals (LBNL News)
Nov 15 low temperature plasma Using ionized plasmas as cheap sterilizers for developing world (UC Berkeley News)
Oct 26 earth photo First “Ethics of Green Chemistry” Class to Launch at Berkeley (CNR News)
Oct 24 Chris Chang Chris Chang's H2S sensors featured in C&EN (C&EN site license may be required to read off-campus)
Oct 21 ACS Logo Bertozzi, Chang win ACS biological chemistry awards
Oct 18 Carolyn Bertozzi Bertozzi elected to IOM
Oct 17 Peidong Yang Yang wins ACS Leo Hendrik Baekeland Award
Oct 12 Segalman Segalman wins APS John H. Dillon Medal
Sep 30 Somorjai Somorjai awarded Honda Foundation prize
Sep 29 MRS logo Alivisatos, Yang win honors from Materials Research Society
Sep 26 Senior dinner attendees College holds fourth annual senior dinner
Sep 22 Michelle Chang and Ming Hammond Chang and Hammond win NIH New Innovator Awards
Sep 22 Iglesia Close Up Look at a Microbial Vaccination Program (LBNL News)
Sep 21 Iglesia Iglesia wins Europe's highest catalysis award
Sep 20 Kristie Boering Boering appointed first holder of Templeton Chair
Sep 12 Celluose Deconstruction close-up Chu unlocks secrets of cellulose deconstruction
Sep 09 gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer (GC-MS) High-throughput catalyst screening for the masses
Sep 01 Peidong Yang Down to the Wire: Berkeley Lab Researchers Develop Inexpensive Technique for Making High Quality Nanowire Solar Cells
Aug 30 new undergraduate students College welcomes 256 new undergrads
Aug 19 ABPDU photo Berkeley Lab Opens Advanced Biofuels Facility (LBNL News)
Aug 11 ACS logo Bytesize Science Presents: The Chemistry of Fireworks (ACS)
Aug 10 ACS Fellow Logo Four chemistry faculty members selected as 2011 ACS fellows
Jul 18 Clayton Radke Radke wins SPE John Franklin Carll Award
Jul 14 Michelle Chang Michelle Chang receives international Young Talents in Chemistry Award
Jul 13 Commencement 2011 2011 Commencement Photos
Jul 12 Enrique Iglesia Iglesia wins Alpha Chi Sigma award
Jul 05 hotspring microbe Hot springs microbe yields record-breaking, heat-tolerant enzyme (UC Berkeley News)
Jun 22 USTC, SIP signing CoC signs agreement with prestigious Chinese university
Jun 20 SBI image SBI launches e-newsletter
Jun 16 Macromolecules Taking the 3D Measure of Macromolecules (LBNL News)
Jun 15 Ting Xu Xu wins Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award
Jun 14 Langer Langer wins Priestley Medal (C&EN)
Jun 09 Nitsche Nitsche to help lead NNSA nuclear security consortium (NNSA)
May 23 Times Higher Education image Berkeley leads public universities in physical sciences (Times Higher Education)
May 20 David Chandler Chandler elected Foreign Member of Royal Society (The Royal Society)
May 18 Arlene Blum Toxic flame retardants found in many foam baby products (UC Berkeley News)
May 19 Ribosomes Atomic-scale Structures of Ribosome Could Help Improve Antibiotics (LBNL News)
May 17 Nanoantenna Sharpening the Nanofocus: Berkeley Lab Researchers Use Nanoantenna to Enhance Plasmonic Sensing (LBNL News)
May 12 Phillip Geisler 2011 Distinguished Teaching Faculty Profiles video (UC Berkeley Events)
May 11 Efflux pumps for biofuels JBEI researchers counteract biofuel toxicity in microbes (LNBN News)
May 05 Gabor Somorjai Somorjai wins Eni Award (
Apr 20 image of molecule Agilent helps launch new synthetic biology center (SBI News)
Apr 19 Chem W1A Groundbreaking new online introductory chemistry course
Apr 18 quantum dots New Kid on the Plasmonic Block: Berkeley Lab Researchers Find Plasmonic Resonances in Semiconductor Nanocrystals (LBNL News)
Apr 12 Phillip Geissler Geissler wins Distinguished Teaching Award
Apr 11 Tandem Catalysis Berkeley Lab Researchers Report Tandem Catalysis in Nanocrystal Interfaces: Could be a Boon to Green Energy (LBNL News)
Apr 04 Image of Long and Smit's new metal-organic framework, Mg2(dobdc) College professors discover breakthrough in CO2 separation
Apr 04 Scott Mullen Mullin wins APS Padden award
Mar 31 Joe Simitian CA senator Joe Simitian on UC Berkeley (UC Berkeley News)
Mar 22 Marty Mulvihill Green chemistry conference highlights UC Berkeley's unique approach (UC Berkeley News)
Mar 16 Friendly molecules diagram Better by Design (ScienceNews)
Mar 09 John Arnold BCGC’s Arnold featured at March 16 California ACS meeting
Mar 09 image of money in hand Chemical Engineering makes list of the top 10 highest-earning degrees (Monster/Yahoo! HotJobs)
Mar 01 Jay Keasling Jay Keasling: 'We can use synthetic biology to make jet fuel' (
Mar 01 Enzyme pathway: glucose to n-butanol. Turning bacteria into butanol biofuel factories (UC Berkeley News)
Feb 17 JBEI photo Race To The Pump (C&EN)
Feb 15 UCB seal Five CoC researchers among the Top 100 highly cited chemists
Feb 14 CEN cover Cohen and colleagues make the cover of Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN)
Feb 10 Bioluminescent signal from firefly luciferase lights up mouse 30 minutes after injection with PCL-1 Firefly Glow: Berkeley Lab Scientists Develop a Safe Hydrogen Peroxide Probe Based on Firefly Luciferin (LBNL News)
Feb 09 Prausnitz Prausnitz wins Dreyfus Senior Scientist Mentor Award
Feb 09 energy corps New Cal Energy Corps to provide summer internships in sustainable energy(UC Berkeley News Center)
Feb 03 John Arnold John Arnold and The Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry
Feb 03 BCGC BCGC works to advance safer chemistry
Jan 31 Francis Arnold Frances Arnold, CBE alum, wins Charles Stark Draper Prize
Jan 28 Peidong Yang Peidong Yang, DOE solar energy center get nod from President Obama
Jan 28 Somorjai Somorjai wins prestigious Spanish award for scientific achievement
Jan 28 ScienceFest Enthusiastic participants make Cal Science & Engineering Festival a huge success
Jan 27 Douglas Clark What’s in a name? Douglas Clark on biomolecular engineering
Jan 27 UCB seal Frequently asked questions about CBE name change
Jan 24 nanorope A nanoscale rope, and another step toward complex nanomaterials that assemble themselves
Jan 18 Arlene Blum Blum elected AAAS fellow
Jan 18 Naomi Ginsberg Chemistry welcomes Naomi Ginsberg: Bringing photosynthesis to light
Jan 12 Ting Xu nanochannel image Polymer Membranes with Molecular-sized Channels That Assemble Themselves (LBNL News)
Jan 12 earth Green chemistry center to hold conference on March 24 (BCGC)
Jan 10 Chang H202 image Peekaboo, H2O2 (C&EN)
Jan 10 Albert Ghiorso Albert Ghiorso, Seaborg collaborator, has died (LBNL News)
Jan 10 ScienceFest Campus to host science and engineering festival