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College undergrads produce two magazines

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June 04, 2012

Berkeley Chemical Review
Berkeley Chemical Review

Spring 2012 saw the introduction of two new magazines on the Berkeley campus, both produced by College of Chemistry undergrads. The Berkeley Chemical Review is a journal, edited by Ritankar Das, that features the research of CoC undergraduates. The Science of Wellness is edited by Sheba Plamthottam and features stories on popular nutritional topics from a scientific perspective.

Das will be a junior in chemical biology next fall. “As a freshman,” he says, “I saw a lot of undergrads doing interesting research, and I wanted to find a way to get it known to the rest of the world.”

Das discussed the idea of a research journal with chemistry professor Rich Saykally and CBE professor Jeff Reimer. They suggested that a printed research journal would be the best way to go.

Das and fellow undergrads solicited funding from ASUC, the campus Student Opportunity Fund, the chemistry department and CBE. Undergraduate submissions were screened by CoC graduate students and faculty members. The journal also features interviews of CoC faculty members.

Das and colleagues foresee publishing the Berkeley Chemical Review annually. The magazine can be viewed online at:

The Science of Wellness editor Plamthottam will be a senior next fall in the chemical biology major, with a minor in dietetics. “I love cooking,” she says, “I love chemistry, and I love design. With all the resources UC Berkeley has to offer, my fellow students and I were presented with a great opportunity to establish a magazine dedicated to these topics.”

Science of Wellness
Science of Wellness

Students interested in writing for Science of Wellness make a pitch detailing their topic and sources. Articles usually fall under the headings of the chemistry of nutrition, food science and health. Prospective writers are encouraged to base their writing on scientific research papers and interviews.

Says Plamthottam, “After all the ideas are submitted, I pick ones that fit the best. We hope to communicate the science in a comprehensive and fun way with well-researched articles and vivid layouts.” The Science of Wellness can be viewed online at: