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Iglesia wins ACS Gabor A. Somorjai Award for Creative Research in Catalysis

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January 20, 2012

Professor Enrique Iglesia
Professor Enrique Iglesia

Enrique Iglesia, the Theodore Vermeulen Professor in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, has won the American Chemical Society’s Gabor A. Somorjai Award for Creative Research in Catalysis.

The award is named for world-renowned Berkeley chemist Gabor A. Somorjai, who has been called the “father of modern surface chemistry.” Somorjai’s unique chemical approaches to surfaces led to the establishment of catalyst chemistry and elevated it to the mainstay of surface science. The award is sponsored by the Gabor A. and Judith K. Somorjai Endowment Fund.

Iglesia’s research interests include the synthesis and the structural and mechanistic characterization of inorganic solids useful as catalysts for chemical reactions important in energy conversion, petrochemical synthesis and environmental control. His research group combines expertise and facilities for the synthesis of novel catalytic solids, their in-situ structural and mechanistic characterization, and the detailed modeling of kinetic and transport processes in catalysis.

Vignettes of Iglesia and other award recipients will appear in Chemical & Engineering News in early 2012. The recipients will be honored at an awards ceremony on Mar. 27, 2012, in conjunction with the 243rd ACS national meeting in San Diego, CA.

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