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News 2012

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Dec 17 ACS logo ChemMatters - Get to know the nutrition facts label (ACS / Bytesize Science)
Nov 29 Evan Williams Williams named AAAS fellow
Nov 26 Mark Kubinek, eCHEM1A Innovative Chemistry 1A video repository is online!
Nov 19 Michelle Chang Michelle Chang research noted in C&EN
Nov 15 Walter Hewlett Campus and college complete landmark Hewlett Challenge
Nov 08 Zack Baer UC researchers find new method to make bio-diesel (ABC 7 News/KGO-TV SF)
Nov 08 Nicholas B. Dirks New chancellor selected (UC Berkeley News)
Nov 07 glyceryl tributyrate Sweet diesel! Discovery resurrects process to convert sugar directly to diesel (UC Berkeley News)
Nov 02 Harold Johnston Harold "Hal" Johnston, noted atmospheric chemist and winner of National Medal of Science, has died
Oct 25 Elephant toothpaste, rockets for National Chemistry Week Elephant toothpaste, rockets for National Chemistry Week (The Berkeleyside)
Oct 25 Mostafa A. El-Sayed, the Julius Brown Chair and Regents Professor, Georgia Tech El-Sayed, “scientific grandson of G.N. Lewis,” gives 2012 G.N. Lewis lecture
Oct 22 The "Campaign for Berkeley" aims to raise $3 billion in private donations. Crop of photo by Ashley Chen. As state funding decreases, push for private funding increases (The Daily Californian)
Oct 17 Daniel Neumark Neumark wins 2013 APS Broida Prize
Oct 10 Gabor Somorjai Somorjai and Toste lead new catalysis research (LBNL News)
Oct 08 ACS logo ChemMatters - Digestion: The Incredible Disassembly Line (ACS,
Sep 20 close-up of a dimeric probe Chris Chang lab's CO sensor highlighted in C&EN (C&EN)
Sep 17 Klinman receives A.I Scott Medal
Sep 12 Jay Keasling Keasling wins Heinz Award
Sep 10 ACS logo College of Chemistry ACS 2013 national award winners announced
Sep 07 Darpa logo Michelle Chang and Naomi Ginsberg win DARPA Young Faculty Awards
Sep 06 Arlene Blum How Dangerous is Your Couch? (
Aug 30 Student Orientation 2012 College holds welcome and orientation for new students
Aug 29 photo by Roy Kaltschmidt/LBNL BCGC wins $3.4 million NSF training grant: Grad students encouraged to apply
Aug 28 Martin Head-Gordon Head-Gordon honored by chemistry society (UC Berkeley News Center)
Aug 22 UCB Seal Four CoC researchers win awards this summer
Aug 20 Berend Smit Speeding the search for better carbon capture (LBNL News)
Aug 14 Ron Cohen Ron Cohen: Bringing it down to earth (Catalyst Magazine)
Aug 06 Wenjun Zhang and John Hartwig Chemistry welcomes Wenjun Zhang and John Hartwig (Catalyst Magazine)
Aug 01 Alex Bell Alex Bell: Resolving to change (Catalyst Magazine)
July 25 Jeffrey A. Reimer CBE’s Reimer named first holder of King chair
July 19 Tanja Cuk Bakar Fellows advance commercially promising research (UC Berkeley News Center)
July 12 Catalyst Magazine cover New issue of Catalyst available now (Vol. 07, No. 1)
July 05 Jeff Reimer Reimer perfects new techniques for spintronics and quantum computing
Jun 28 DNA Scissors Programmable DNA Scissors Found for Bacterial Immune System (LBNL News)
Jun 27 Ron Cohen UC Berkeley chemists installing carbon dioxide sensors in Oakland (UC Berkeley News Center)
Jun 20 Azuyl plane Brazilian jetliner flown with Amyris biofuel (Biodiesel magazine)
Jun 20 Wenjun Zhang Wenjun Zhang receives prestigious Pew Scholars award (
Jun 20 Peidong Yang LBNL wins four 2012 R&D 100 awards (LBNL news)
Jun 06 Kaitlyn Weeber Chemistry undergrad Kaitlyn Weeber awarded 2012 Bergeron Scholarship (
Jun 06 Jay Keasling Keasling Wins 2012 International Metabolic Engineering Award (Today at Berkeley Lab)
Jun 04 Berkeley Chemical Review, Science of Wellness College undergrads produce two magazines
Jun 04 Ting Xu Xu wins PMSE Doolittle Award
Jun 04 Sho Takatori 2012 Commencement Photos
May 30 Susan Muller Muller awarded Noyce Prize in Undergraduate Teaching
May 29  Robert Bergman Bergman 70th Birthday Symposium to be held June 16
May 27 Berend Smit Computer model pinpoints prime materials for efficient carbon capture (UC Berkeley News Center)
May 25 Enrique Iglesia Iglesia wins Eni award
May 15 Chem W1A An interactive web-based introductory chemistry course from UC Berkeley
May 08 Peidong Yang Yang elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
May 08 Richard Saykally Saykally awarded RSC Faraday Lectureship Prize
May 07 John Hartwig Four UC Berkeley scientists elected to National Academy of Sciences (UC Berkeley News Center)
May 07 Richmond Sarpong Richmond Sarpong: ‘This is the best place to do chemistry in the world’ (UC Berkeley News Center)
Apr 20 recycling symbo Beyond the blue bins (Bytesize Science)
Apr 11 strawberries Methyl iodide pulled from U.S. market
Apr 11 Steven Pederson Pedersen named one of Princeton Review’s 300 best professors
Apr 06 Kaitlyn Weeber Chemistry student awarded Iota Sigma Pi scholarship
Apr 06 Darleane Hoffman Adventures in the nature of matter (Catalyst Magazine)
Apr 02 The Cape Grim Baseline Air Pollution Station in Tasmania, where air samples have been collected since 1978. Fertilizer use responsible for increase in nitrous oxide in atmosphere
Apr 02 Glenn T. Seaborg Seaborg Symposium
Apr 02 Heino Nitsche Islands of Stability (Catalyst Magazine)
Mar 29 Cross-section of the iron-based MOF bound to six ethylene molecules, as determined by neutron diffraction. New material cuts energy costs of separating gas for plastics and fuels (UC Berkeley News Center)
Mar 27 John Prausnitz Prausnitz receives ASEE Lifetime Achievement Award
Mar 23 Engineered Microbes with DSRS New synthetic biology technique boosts microbial production of diesel fuel (LBNL news)
Mar 23 Jay Groves A shiny new tool for imaging biomolecules (LBNL News)
Mar 19 Anne Baranger Science is in her RNA (Catalyst Magazine)
Mar 14 Chancellor Birgeneau Chancellor Birgeneau announces he will step down at year's end (UC Berkeley News Center)
Mar 09 Omar Yaghi Yaghi named first holder of Tretter chair
Mar 06 landscape photo BCGC to hold second annual green chemistry conference (BCGC)
Feb 24 Kepler and Mathies College of Chemistry receives $3.5 million gift from Dow to develop sustainable chemistry education
Feb 09 Long, Chang, and Karunadasa Hydrogen from Acidic Water (LBNL News)
Feb 08 Catalyst cover New issue of Catalyst available online now (Vol. 06, No. 2)
Feb 01 Richard Mathies Professors’ innovations benefit society, economy (UC Berkeley News Center)
Jan 31 Ron Cohen Cohen elected AGU Fellow
Jan 26 Jeffrey Long Berkeley Lab to Develop Novel Materials for Hydrogen Storage
Jan 20 David Chandler Chandler wins ACS Peter Debye Award in Physical Chemistry
Jan 20 Enrique Iglesia Iglesia wins ACS Gabor A. Somorjai Award for Creative Research in Catalysis
Jan 12 Paul Alivisatos Alivisatos wins Wolf Prize in chemistry (LBNL News)
Jan 09 Omar Yaghi Omar Yaghi to Direct Berkeley Lab’s Molecular Foundry (LBNL News)
Jan 04 Professor Naomi Ginsberg Ginsberg awarded Packard Fellowship in Science and Engineering