Marletta Labs Have Open House

Edward Denton, Vice Chancellor for Capital Projects, Patrick MacArdle, Alex Shtromberg, Clayton Heathcock, Michael Marletta and Michael Brateng
at the open house for the new Marletta labs.

The newly renovated laboratories of Professor Michael Marletta were on display at an open house on April 1. From the spacious benchtops and wide walkways to the custom-designed one-liter cylinder rack, the labs on the second floor of Lewis Hall are some of the most attractive workspaces in the college.

“This was one of the most trouble-free renovations we have ever done,” said Dean Clayton H. Heathcock. “Every aspect went smoothly, and we even came in under budget. The College Shop workers, especially Michael Brateng, and Patrick MacArdle, project manager for the campus’s capital projects division, deserve a lot of credit for the hard work and skills they put into this project.”

The $1.6 million renovation of 4100 sq. ft. of biochemistry lab space for Marletta was done in connection with his recent recruitment. “It was nice having input into the layout of our new space. The labs are great, with wonderful views. Of course, it is hard to have bad views in California,” said Marletta.

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